Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easy Easter Activities

These Easter activities were easy and fun to incorporate in the classroom. Before lunch the students had a visit from a bunny and chicken that belonged to a wonderful sub we have at our school.

Then we made bunny bags to use in our Easter egg hunt in the classroom.  Then during lunch I had parent volunteers hide eggs through out the room. Students were instructed when they came in to find 5 eggs and put them in their bag and sit down.  Then I sent them out again to find 3 more eggs and come back and sit down.  We counted and added how many eggs we had.   We wrote equations and then I sent them out again and again repeating the process until they had 19 eggs each in their bags.

After we found our eggs, students were able to open and enjoy 2 eggs.  Next, they put their bags away so that we could play some Easter Minute to Win IT games.  I listed the games we played here (FREE).

Here are some snapshots of the fun we had.  I definitely plan to do this again next year. It was easy and fun.

Happy Easter!!

Friday, March 30, 2018

DIY Privacy Folders

I don't know why it is so pricey to buy privacy folders! They are a simple design and made out of cardboard. This is very frustrating, so I have made my own.  I have used file folders taped together and file folders just propped up which can be a disaster as they fall down, as soon as, the student touches it.  Here is my latest solution until something better comes along:

This costs me 50 cents per privacy folder (not counting the cost of the duct tape). Not bad right?! Here is what I used:
I got the project boards at the Dollar Tree.  I will be making 2 privacy folders out of one of the project boards.  You will also need duct tape, a box cutter and a yardstick or ruler to measure with.
Step 1:  Cut the project boards in half.  The half way mark for these project boards was 13.5 inches. 
Step 2: Cut some of the middle out because these are just too wide for a privacy folder. Measure from one crease towards middle 14 inches. Mark it and cut. Then cut at the other crease.
Step 3: Take the middle cut piece out and tape the board back together with duct tape. 

I wrapped the tape around the back and front. Viola the privacy folders are done and did not cost your whole paycheck.   Here is the finished product.  These would also be great for writing.  You could add resources taped or glued on the folder such as a letter strip, writing checklist or a mini word wall. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

100th Day Celebration

I don't know how we get here so fast! I teach just kindergarten now and my group of kiddos have grown so much in these 100 days.  I kept our celebration simple and easy this year.  I wanted to share incase you needed some ideas and to document for my memory next year.  The students made posters of 100 things that they brought in and shared during the week.  I liked this better than bringing in a bag of 100 things because it makes it easy to display.
This was to start the week.  On the day of 100 we had students write about what they would be doing at 100 years old.  I had this paired with their picture of them aged using the Aging Booth App. Here is an example of what it does to their face and the app is free!
I printed these pictures and we glued them in this template from Outrageous Fun in 321 This is a free resource on TPT.
We also wrote about what was our favorite thing we learned in the past 100 days on our Friday Letter.  
In math we made a booklet of ten frames to 100.

Aren't my students the best!! Sometimes you just have to let them take over the classroom.  Then after lunch, we did stations that they freely moved around and did.  We didn't get to all of the stations so I can use them next week in their center tubs.

These are just some of the stations in this 100 day pack. There are many to choose from in Reading, Math and Writing.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Great Turkey Race

This is our second annual Turkey Race.
To start we read The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger. It is a fun story where turkeys compete to be the Thanksgiving turkey.  
Then we headed outside for 5 competitions that matched up with the competitions in the book. First up the students had a running race.  They ran the track and when they completed it they were awarded a gold medal.
Then they competed in an obstacle course. They had to zig zag through cones, go through tunnel, jump in hula hoops and do 3 jumping jacks to complete.  The first of the two students that ran was awarded a medal.
Next was the jumping competition.  Students had to jump the discs without falling off.  If students could complete task they were awarded a medal.
Then students competed in a throwing competition.  Students had 3 chances to throw a football threw the net.   If they did, they received a medal.
To finish off our field events, we had a dance off.  Students that danced the whole time received a medal.  Sorry this picture is so blurry.

Racing through Force and Motion

First step was the room transformation:
The kids were thrilled by the sights and even the sounds in the room.  ( I had the sound of cars revving their engines) It took us about a week and a half to work through all the steps in this STEM project.  I chose to let the students build cars with LEGOs and recycled cars.

Students test tracks and cars.  They also tested different types of force to explore what force works best for their cars. 

Students also had a press conference at the end of the race to explain what they had learned.
Throughout the STEM project, we had pit stops that covered common core math standards. There were math tasks that were fun and challenging.
I have this set available in a kinder version and a 1st/2nd grade version.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Back to School Must Haves

I added some much needed visuals to my room that I love!  Here is my rules for my classroom. This classroom rules display is about building the character of the student. Then we add to the wall through the year building up great leaders.
The absolute best thing I use in my classroom is my schedule posters.  They make my life so much easier.  All I have to do is switch posters each day and the visuals cut out the questions what is next all day.  My kinders can easily follow our day's schedule.
I print out the schedule and glue together. Then I laminate to finish off my posters.

Back to School Beat the Clock

We started this year off with this fun engaging game.  It was divided into four quarters with each quarter covering expectations I have for my students this year.  The first quarter taught active listening and communication between teammates. 
The second quarter was about congratulating their teammates.  This one was definitely a favorite.
The third quarter was interesting. Students have to learn from their mistakes and pay attention what is going on in their group to succeed. (I don't have a picture of this activity)Then the last quarter students had to work as a team to get down the field.  

I did these activities with my kindergarten class.  This is great for grades K-2 You can find this in my store if you want to give it try to start out your year with clear and high expectations for your classroom.