Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It is the week of Halloween and we are learning the sight word "black", so what better week to study spiders.  We started the week by reading a non-fiction book on spiders.  The students were amazed at the interesting, unique and grotesque facts we learned. After reading we filled out our spider fact anchor chart.

Then students first talked about what they learned and what they want to write about. (I just put up these FREE spider supplement pages on TPT) Using the writing page from my spider unit, students wrote some of the facts they learned that day along with a picture of a spider.
Students are able to use anchor chart as a reference.
Then students made a spider out of construction paper.  I had them trace 2 circles for the two body parts of the spider.  We looked back at real pictures of spiders to see where the legs go on our spider. They used white colored pencil to draw in the 8 eyes that most spiders have. Students drew fangs on the head as well.
Once these two pieces were done they are ready for our wall. They look great up.

We also read the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  The kids loved reading it trying to guess the missing rhyming word as well as singing it with the motions. This is a great book that kids love going back to read.  You can find these supplemental pages at my TPT store for FREE.

We aren't quite done learning about spiders, but I couldn't pass up making spider hats. I am a sucker for hats. The kids just make me smile when the proudly sport their hat creations.
This spider hat was created based from the one I saw on pinterest from Fantastic Fun and Learning

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