Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Grouchy Ladybug

Spring is here with the winds, bugs and allergies! There are many great units to cover in the spring with your students.  My kiddos are ready to be outside to plant flowers and look for bugs.  I am not a big fan of bugs but ladybugs I like. They are colorful and friendly and can make your classroom cheerful.   We started our ladybug unit with  "The Grouchy Ladybug".
After reading this book several times we did some of the following activities. We practiced telling time with a retell activity.
Then students wrote about the retell.
We did an art project. I found this on Pinterest but there were no instructions on how so here is how we did it.  One the day before students put red tissue paper on a half circle with glue water mixture.  After it was dry they cut it out.  Students used green construction paper scraps to make leaves for their ladybug. They used black construction paper for legs, head and dots.
They added eyes and wrote something interesting about their ladybug.
Our class also read a non-fiction book about ladybugs. This is the one we read.  I liked it because it had information about the life cycle of the ladybug as well as the parts of the ladybugs body.
At the end of this book, the students enjoyed labeling the parts of the ladybug. I read a description of the the body part and they got to answer the part and label the big ladybug.
I created a unit that has The Grouchy Ladybug retell activities, addition ladybugs, life cycle of the ladybug, body parts of the ladybug and a science notebook about the ladybug.  I hope you will get a chance to look at Ladybug Math and Science Fun Pack.
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