Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Movie Theater FLIP

This was a mini-flip.  This happened right around Halloween, so we decided to this instead of a party.  It was a surprise to our students.  While they were at lunch, we flipped the two rooms quickly!! My room became a movie theater and my colleague's room became the concession stand. 
I put a marquee above my door and used a plastic table cloth for a curtain. I used Christmas lights to make a center isle.  I also had my flashlight to look up and down rows if needed.

We had been working on counting money so this went well with this flip. We had the second grade students work the concession stand and sell/take tickets to the movie.  Each student was given $5 to spend.  Our kinders got 5 dollar bills.  Our 1st graders got 5 dollars in quarters and our 2nd graders got $5 in a mix of coins.  Those working the concession stands had to count the money to make sure they got a dollar for what was purchased.   The week before we asked for donations from parents to supply our stand.  I asked the local movie theater to donate the popcorn boxes and a neighbor of mine donated kettle corn.

We sold hot dogs, candy, drinks, popcorn and tickets.  We used play money- just in case that was not clear. This was a lot of fun for all of the students!

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