Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pinterest Collaborative Boards

I have been working on several units over the past week.  I will be finishing up my testing on them this week so I can get them up.  I love finishing products and showing some of the exciting things we do in the classroom.  I also love to see what everyone else is doing.  Do you get inspired by other teachers? I sure do!! It helps me think outside of the box and get my creative juices flowing... keeping me up at night because my brain won't stop!! Yep it has been that kind of weekend.  In my research, I found out about collaborative pinterest boards.   They are boards you share with other pinners.  You follow the board and pin to the board.  I just put one up for Effective Read-Alouds for Early Childhood Education. Ideas on Literacy, Math and Science that tie into our favorite books. You are welcome to follow the board, but if you would like to be a contributor to the board comment and I will add you.  You must follow it before I can add you.  Click the picture to go to the board.

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