Monday, October 28, 2013

When the Leaf Blew In

I just added my first paid TPT product.  Fall is upon us and leaves have been falling a lot this week.  This is a perfect book for the season as well as a perfect book to teach cause and effect.  I love the graphics in this book too.  It has simple text making it a great read aloud (K-2)
In my TPT product I have a retell activity which could be used in class or in a literacy station. Students can recall the order of the characters in the book or look back for the answers they need to complete the retell.
A mini-lesson for this book could be on verbs.  There are a fun variety of verbs found in this book.  After describing verbs and encouraging students to name a few, go back to the text for a verb search.
students can use wikki stix or highlighting tape to find the verbs. Use the printable in TPT to extend this lesson.
Another mini-lesson that can be done is on cause and effect.  Use an anchor chart to map out the cause and effect situations found in the book. More resources for students on cause and effect are included in the TPT product. 

I hope you will check it out.

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