Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Domino Addition

Well today my mind was blank.  What to do but ask a co worker, I want to do something with dominoes today and need some direction. I love working with creative people who can help challenge your mind to think outside the box. 

We started by reading the book Domino Addition by Lynette Long, Ph. D.

Students explored how dominoes are divided into two sections.  We talked about how there can only be up to six dots on one side and how dots are displayed to help organize the number so it is easy to count. 

I used cardstock cut in half.  They had a line drawn down the middle.  I would tell students a number and students would make a domino of their paper and math counters to equal that number.  We discussed how we can have different answers that can equal that number. I would draw the various answers on the board.
After this I then gave the students real dominoes.  I had them count out 10 each.  When everyone had their domino sets, I would call out a number and they would have to count up their dominoes to see if they had one equaling the number called.
This could also be a math station in your classroom. 

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