Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Curious George and Community Helpers

Fall is the time of year we visit the fire station and take a look at all our wonderful community helpers. Curious George was a good little monkey, well really one that gets himself in all kinds of trouble.  Curious George books cover most community helpers, so I use him to introduce the various jobs.  The following are just a few of his community helper books:
I put together a unit that covers firefighters, doctors, garbage collectors, dentist, mail carriers, farmers, police officers, soldiers, and teachers. Curious George is a monkey who constantly finds mischief. His books help introduce different community helpers and can lead to discussions on what rules he needs to learn about community helpers.  Here is an example of a chart our class did after reading Curious George and the Firefighters
   His books don't cover all but most. I encourage the use of non-fiction books about the community helpers in combination to these fiction books. In the unit you will find:
Mini-lessons on the community helpers as a whole and can extend to literacy station.

 Mini-lesson on Tooth Health and Dentists
Mini-lesson on Soldiers

Mini-lesson on Mail Carriers
Mail Carrier Printable
Soldier Printable
Firefighter printables
Police Officer art activity and cut a part sentence

 Police Officer fingerprint card
Tooth Health printable.
Book list.
I hope you will get a chance to check it out. Click picture below to see more.


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