Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Scramble!

Thanksgiving is this week! Short week with kids excited about the holiday can equal chaos. Here are few things we have done and will be doing this next couple of days. Last week, I had the students draw with crayons the trees, stream and horizon. 
We followed that up with watercolor.  This made  the First Thanksgiving background.

 We then colored a cabin, table, pilgrims and native Americans to complete the picture.
 The students then wrote the title "The First Thanksgiving." This project took 2 days to complete.
We have had a week of Thanksgiving Songs and fingerplays.  Here is one of our favorites. The drawings were all made from outlined hand.
I have 2 TPT products that are great to fill up your week. Thanksgiving Is... goes with Gail Gibbons' Book Thanksgiving Is.... It can also be used with any of the Thanksgiving non-fiction books.  Just Click on the following picture to take you to that product (only 2.50).
I also have a literacy extensions that go with Plump and Perky Turkey Just click on picture below to take you to that product. (only 2.25)

Here is our bulletin board from last week.  This math craft is found in the Thanksgiving Is... unit.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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