Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Is...

Thanksgiving Is... by Gail Gibbons is a non-fiction book that is informative and has nice illustrations.  This book is great for starting your discussion on Thanksgiving. It takes you from ancient times to present.  It was put out through scholastic book club a while back but can also be found at Barnes & Noble

I use this book to talk about all the aspects of Thanksgiving. I use this literacy/math extension along with the book.
With this you have a easy reader for students to complete and read. A lift the flap coloring page with details about pilgrim life hidden under the flaps. 
Students create counting by 10 turkeys
It has a cup and paste sentence to go along with it.  I love these because it helps reinforce spacing between words in sentences.
There are also printables that come with this unit on syllable count and number order. I also did a q-tip indian corn painting with the kids. I will try to get a link up to a corn printable.
Hope you will get a chance to check out my TPT Thanksgiving Is.. product.

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