Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Legend of the Candy Cane

This book tells about the true meaning of Christmas and what an amazing story it is.  You would not be able to share in public school but you can with your own children.  I may also use it for the children's class at church.  There are several versions but the story behind them are the same.
I created some printables that can go with these books that point to Jesus. You can download both of these at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free.
and there is this one too.
There are so many cute crafts to make with the candy cane.  Hobby Lobby also sells kits that are typically 50% off right now that have everything you need. I have also have a couple here from different resources.  Click the picture for original sources of these crafts and how to make them.
I also put bookmarks to print out with the Teachers Pay Teachers download, so that your child can give a candy cane with the message of Christmas.

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