Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Art!

I feel so behind.  I haven't blogged in awhile and I am feeling a little bit behind so tonight I will be putting up two posts.  First up in this post I wanted to show off some art projects we did in our class and a book recommendation.  One of the art projects is from of course.. pinterest. I did it a little different.  They put tissue paper in the background, but I just used the scraps I had on hand.  To start,  I had the students cut out simple nativity scene silhouette printed on black.
Then they placed the scene on the sticky side of contact paper.
 Next they covered it with scraps of colored construction paper.
I then trimmed it and glued onto solid paper.  I have a tendency to  have students write something about every art project.
We also did these cute little reindeer.
For fine motor practice, I took a simple Christmas Tree, printed it on cardstock and punched holes around it for students to lace.  The stuck foam sticker scraps as ornaments and a star on top.
Now for a book recommendation, I buy many of my books at thrift stores such as Savers or Goodwill.  It is hit and miss but I really have found some fantastic books this year.  I found this book at a local Thrift store in town for $0.60. It was a real treasure! It was written by Lisa Whelchel ( She was Blair from the Facts of Life) It is full of the history behind our Christmas traditions as wells as activities, recipes and more to share with your children.

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