Sunday, December 29, 2013

Time for the New Year

As we approach the new year, I think about the goals not only that I have but what I want the students to learn in the new year.  I feel they are ahead of the game in their reading.  I am so impressed with how far they have come and just love it when they begin reading.  However, I feel I am failing them in the Math department.  So in this new year I am going to focus more on their math skills.  I made this Time for the New Year Time and Calendar Pack for my Teachers pay Teachers store.  I am excited to get busy on it in this new year.  Students make a calendar.  This gives them writing numbers to 31 practice and understanding of how the calendar comes together.  They like putting the holiday icons on those special days too.
The students illustrate their own pictures for the month. I just love this one for March! It really is super windy in the desert in the spring.
Another idea is to do handprint art for each month.  This is just too cute found at DIY Cozy Home
 This pack can be used anytime of the year! It covers Calendar, Months, Days, and Time to the hour, half hour, and every 5 minutes along with terminology. This can be used on various grade levels. I have included:
Creating Calendars with your student/s with icons for holidays too.
Days of the Month Poem with printables
Days of the week Printable
5 mini-lesson suggestions on teaching time
Time Anchor Chart

 Time equivalents printable
counting by 5s around the clock printable
Paper Plate Clock Craft and Labeling the Clock

 6 time printables
Time Match up game (to the hour/half hour/5 minute intervals)
Time Terms Printable (o'clock, half past, quarter to, quarter after, midnight, noon
I hope you will check it out and have a super new year.  I am running a sale in my store until 12/30!!!

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