Sunday, January 26, 2014

100th day of School

How does the year fly by so fast? When the students first come to class, I am always shocked on how young they are. They are just babies, and I think to myself what am I going to do with them. I doubt myself and fear sets in that I will fail them. Well by this time in the year, I think they are so special. I was telling a co-worker, how amazing teaching is, you may have an annoying student but you find things in them that are amazing and so lovable. So... 100 days is definitely a celebration spent together. The students have matured, grown and learned much! (and so have I!) Here is a little collection of activities I put together to celebrate this occasion. We make a picture of us at 100.
We also explore "what is 100?"
We write about our past 100 days.
It is truly a celebration!
We had centers that focused on 100 and so much more.

In this 100 day pack.  You will find art projects, 100 day interactive reader, writing activities, centers, badges, certificates, and craft projects.  I hope you get a chance to check it out.  It makes planning this day so much easier!


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