Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Digraph Fun

I am home with a sick kid, so thought I would catch up on my blog. I am very excited about this unit. My students have enjoyed learning about these special letter combination and it has been great in helping with their speech! I started with the "ch" digraph since my name is Mrs. Chandler. I started the morning with talking about when two letters work together to make one sound. We reviewed what sound c and h make, then I introduced the ch sound like my name. I turned there attention to the morning message were we did work with ch.
The students brainstormed several ch digraph words for me to add to our chart.  This was an excellent exercise for some students that get the tr sound mixed up with the ch sound.  I had several students say words like train, tractor,  and tree.  I was able to use this teachable moment to work on some speech issues.  Students worked more on ch sounds with some printables.
Then I passed out digraph cards and they had to decide which belong in the ch circle.  We talked about they can be in the beginning, middle and the end of a word.
This was a good introduction to digraphs and my unit takes it further into  classroom displays, morning message, centers, games, and printables for ch, th, sh, ph and wh
Be sure to check it out here, it has been fun for us!

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