Sunday, February 9, 2014

Recycling for the Classroom

Our school recycles the plastics in the kids lunches.  This lets us see some great uses out of them instead of throwing them out.  We use applesauce bowls to put our water in when we watercolor.
Then use the small lunchable containers to help the students understand addition or subtraction.  Students can manipulate objects to work the problems.
This weekend, I had a women's conference at our church.  I was in charge of decorations so being on a limited budget, I used pickle jars picked up at a BBQ place.  Soak the labels off and you have a nice big glass jar.  I put sand, candle and table number in and wrapped it in the rich red burlap ribbon. I think it turned out quite nice. Jar Free, Sand-free (I live in the desert), candle $1, number 1.49 (painted it with paint I had on hand) Ribbon 5.99 which wrapped 4 jars.
So check your trash for some great teaching tools and decoration. 
 Here is a peek of what we did Friday to kick off the Olympics.  We talked about what, when and where the Olympics were held.  I love that Sochi had the digraph ch in it, since we just got through my digraph unit in my TPT store.  Then we used my Olympic unit for this activity.

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