Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jumping the Number Line

We have really been focusing on improving our math skills. We are working on addition right now. I love the freebie from Tara West. It has story problems and students must draw it, jump it on the number line then write the equation and answer.  This was great practice for my students.  However, we made it more physical today.  We have these stripes that the kids line up on outside.  I used chalk to make them into a number line.  I also had addition equations written on a stripe of paper.   I folded excess paper over most of the equation so the student only sees the first number when they get the problem.
I don't know about you but I have students who see a problem and immediately think "I can't do this".  So to remedy this thought. I covered most of the problem so they see just the first number and know to go to that number on the number line.  Next they open up the equation to see how many hops they had to make.
Then I would check for understanding.  I would ask them the equation such as 4+5= what? If they got stuck I would ask them what number did they land on.  We did this several times so they got plenty of practice. 
This was fun and a good reason to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. Jamee, Thanks for linking up with Just for the Teacher Tuesday. I just gave you a shout-out for this awesome Math Activity. This is such a great way to get the kids up and moving, while still learning. I love it! Thanks again!