Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dr. Seuss has a Birthday in the Classroom

If you need a unit that is full of center activities with math and literacy practice, here is a unit you may want to check out.
This unit supplements several Dr. Seuss Favorites.
 I have included morning messages on rhyming, and onomatopoeia. I put several games and activities that could be used in a center or small group work. You will find games like up the hat (rhyming), Crazy gift card game (rhyming), fishing for facts or sight words, Math Scramble (addition), Cracked Egg (math) and The Trees Folder match up activity. You will also find stack-able turtle activity of ordering numbers. Most of the activities/centers include a printable for student work. I have included squiggles, bookmarks, Class book and printables. Here is a header we made to go with the Lorax that would work great with this unit.

Students wrote about how they could make the Earth a better place.
The paper is included in the unit but the Lorax Header is not.  However it was easy to make.  The Head is a half of a circle.  Have students put eyes and nose on him.  Then cut crazy mustache and eyebrows.  Paste on and you have a cute wall display. 

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