Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back to School Part 1

We started back on June 30 for an extra 25 days on our regular contract.  This is a new job for me teaching a multiage k-2 classroom.  So far I have 19 kids but with the official first day of school on Monday I am sure I will get more.  Teaching multiage has been different, challenging and fun.  We do thematic units. Our first unit was camping. So when we started the year out this is what my classroom looked like:

I made flannel backed characters so students could make stories with them.  To make them I printed out some camping clip art and glued them to flannel with liquid stitch.
Then after that has dried, it is time to cut out.
Then play!
Another fun project we did during our summer break that went with our theme was make smores.
We followed the directions here:
They were quite yummy!!
Part 2 of Back to School is coming very soon.  I need to finish up a few changes in the classroom for a few more pictures and then it will be up!

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