Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to School Part 2

So like I said in past post, the kids came back to school on June 30th. After living in my room for a month, I had the desire to make a few changes. I also need to note that our program is heavy in technology. We have a Promethean Board which is a monster that takes up a lot of real estate in the classroom, 10 iPads, and 5 Mac Air laptops. This summer I got a bit frustrated with my Promethean Board. I would do Calendar math on it but to me it seemed to fall flat with students. I decided to not do the Calendar on there anymore so I had to make room somehow. Here is how my room turned out.
Here is my guided reading /math table and my desk area.  It needs a little more organization.
Here is our Math manipulatives/blocks and Puzzles
The home/kitchen center. The bulletin board will soon hold some self portraits that go with our all about me theme. 
Writing Center- I am not happy with it yet but hopefully will get there soon.
This is our library 
I made up some student recommendation forms for students to fill out.  Here is a link to grab the freebie form.
Here is the other view of library.
I love my job chart:
I found the icons for it here. The are a little small but they worked for me and they are free.

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