Saturday, May 2, 2015


It is that time  of year for everyone to get in their last field trip of the year.  If I would have planned better, I would have built a unit around our trip to Dion's. However, there was Pinterest for some quick ideas to use the time before and after the field trip.  We sang this song to the tune of BINGO. I found this song and other ideas from here.
We also brainstormed different toppings you can add to your pizza. The students helped me spell each one.
Next, we made a paper pizza with all the toppings.
I had circles of crust and sauce pre-cut, but students cut all the other toppings.  We ran out of time to do what I had planned.  I wanted to use the ideas from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten  to do what she did. I swore I had that book but could not find it.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time to do fraction work with our pizzas we made. So we used our pizzas in our thank you cards to Dion's for the tour and pizza. The kids loved going on the tour and especially eating some pizza.
Maybe, next time I will be a bit more prepared for this amazing field trip, but THANK GOODNESS  for Pinterest.

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