Sunday, April 26, 2015

Diggin' Up Dinosaurs

 We just finished up our Dinosaur unit, so here is a recap of some of the things we did. I started out with this song by Trout Fishing in America- When I was a Dinosaur
The kids love how it starts out!  I wrote the lyrics on chart paper to use as our poem of the unit.  We did a directed drawing found from Draw with Rich.

We watched a dinosaur hatch.
I found this egg at Cracker Barrel.  We did bubble maps of the different types of dinosaurs.  We wrote in our journals and then shared to make a big anchor chart for each type of dinosaur.

We measured dinosaurs.
I found this great idea from Multi-age Chalk Talk: Dino Fun.  I put different dinosaur names in eggs and the kids did a dino dash to find out which dinosaur they would research.

They researched their dinosaur using these free research packs also from Multi-age Chalk Talk.  Click on here blog link and you will find the packet embeded in her blog post to download for free.

And of course we had to dig up fossils in a cookie! We had to try various tools to see what tools worked best.

Maybe someday I can work on a product laying out all we did.  It was a big unit for sure, but the kids loved it!

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  1. We start our dinosaur unit in two weeks! Thanks for sharing these ideas! I nominated you for an award. Hop on over to my blog to check it out!