Sunday, April 19, 2015

Exploring Space Part 2

OH MY GOODNESS!! This post is super late and I apologize for that! Life just gets in the way of my blogging schedule. We we finished up ours space unit, in fact, we just finished up a dinosaur unit too in the time it has taken me to post. Here are some more highlights I have been meaning to share with you. The students journaled about each planet. Students looked up different star constellations and recreated their favorite constellation with star stickers.
They also wrote about what they learned about their constellation.
Students made a solar system presentation.  They had to use books to check their order of planets.
We finished our unit with students making their own planets.  The students worked in groups, drew their planet, wrote facts about their planet and finally they had to make an educreations presentation on the iPad.
Another writing activity in this unit, was our astronaut craftivity. You can get the free template for the astronaut here (TPT) or here (Teachers Noteboook).  Students wrote what it would be like to be an astronaut.  Then they created themselves as an astronaut.

 You can find my complete Exploring Space Unit here (TPT) or here (Teachers Notebook).
Hopefully it won't take so long for the next post, but no promises;)

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