Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Highlights!

We had a great day of Valentine's Day Fun.  One thing I loved that we did came from my colleague.  For the valentine's day cards, the students gave out their cards and then students scrapbooked the cards! Students glued the cards in a booklet I made them. They had to write who each card was from.
Students read to the class Froggy's First Kiss.
  The class then wrote about the character using a free organizer found on TPT.
We also did sweetheart math.  I gave each child a package of sweethearts and they had to work with their table to make a group bar graph.  I gave each child a piece of construction paper to write a fact about their graph.
I then had each child make a pie chart.  We first talked about how they are used, how I use them and where they might find one used.  I told the students they could eat all but 8 candies.  Then I handed out each child a circle.  I had them fold in half and then again and then again.  This made 8 pieces.  We have been covering fractions so they understood that for each piece they would color for each candy. Then we wrote the fractional part for each color/flavor of sweetheart.
This activity can definitely be used during Easter as well for graphing jelly beans.  We had a great day, we hope you did too!

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