Monday, February 2, 2015

Exploring Space Part 1

Exploring Space is a huge unit. There is so much we can study!! We are condensing it to about a month. We started our unit with a KWL. I gave each student a post it to put in the "what we know" category and the "what we want to know" category.  They wrote and shared what they wrote.  We watched BrainPopJr. videos on the Solar System.  We read and wrote in our logbooks about the solar system and the sun. I had several centers set up around the room. These two have been the favorite so far.  Students used the moon shoes and wrote what it would be like to walk on the moon.
Students used this form from Exploring Space Unit
Students also painted the solar system, planets, sun, and stars.  The choice was theirs they just needed to label their pictures.
We did demonstrations found in the Exploring Space Unit and one of my favorites this far is the research students did about the moons.
Students also did the Moon Math Activities in Unit.
We also used one of our writing activities as a squiggle with some specific instructions.  Students had to turn the squiggle into a space shuttle.  Students drew for about 10-15min.  They then shared with a partner.  
Students then shared what they would write about their shuttle. 
Students also studied about the phases of the moon. They read, ordered and observed the moon phases.  
We read the Raz-kids book The Disappearing Moon and wrote about how the moon does not actually disappear.  Students explained what really happens to the moon. We put these out in the hallway.
We are learning about astronauts, stars, constellations and planets next.  I will post part two when we get done.  If you would like the Exploring Space Unit, you can purchase it in my TPT Store.

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