Sunday, July 12, 2015

Follow Frenzy

I have been taking part of a TPT challenge.  Each week held a different challenge.  I couldn't do last weeks challenge due to the loss of my amazing Grandma.  I am back and busy and ready for this challenge.  This weeks challenge was to encourage others to follow and find some talented bloggers.  So let me introduce you to a few.  First up is a friend I have here in my own town!! I have not found many TPT creators in New Mexico so if you are one let me know. Her name is Bethany, she is originally from Tennessee but moved here last year.  She was teaching a multi-age k-2 class last year but is starting this next year off teaching 4th grade.  She has a great eye for what looks best and is so creative. This is a new blog for her but you will not want to miss any future posts about her classroom.  I have seen it and it is BEAUTIFUL. Her blog is Teaching and so Fourth.
Next up, I would suggest is A View into My Classroom.  I am amazed by her organization.  I can only dream of having that in my class.  I am always asking my students where did I put this or that.  In fact when contemplating what my blog/store name should be I chose the messy teacher, but then I thought who would want to hear anything from that person.  She has some wonderful ideas for me to implement in my classroom and I am so glad I found her on instagram.  Check out her classroom tour from last year.  I can't wait to see what she does this year, and seriously how cute are these lab coats she has for her students.
Now this one I just started following yesterday, but oh my word this site is jam packed with all kinds of resources.  In case you missed TPTs shout out of the Comprehension Connection yesterday be sure you go to it before school starts.  I will be pouring over it today to get my lesson plans done for this next week. Here is a post about getting your guided reading groups started.
The last blogger for my list today is Kayla from The Chalkboard Garden.  I also found her on instagram.  I am loving instagram these days.  Kayla is a fun blog to follow with some great products and ideas to use in your classroom.  She just posted about a simple but fun way to review sight words in the few moments in-between your day. I love it!! She has posted a freebie for you to try it out.
There are sooo many talented teachers out there and in our own buildings. I love that we can collaborate and become better teachers because of them.  They inspire and encourage us!! Thank you!


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  1. Oh my goodness! thank you for the shout out. I really appreciate it! Also glad to find new blogs too!