Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pete the Cat is Back!

Pete is such a fun character to read about! We also do a lot of writing about this easy going cat.  My class just finished this theme and here are some highlights.  He was a big fixture in our school for open house and back to school night.  Parents were greeted by my students writing.  In the hall they found their child rocking in their school shoes.  I took pictures of each student and the student colored their giant shoes.  When we wrote we talked about some of the things we do (verbs).  Students chose one of the verbs to help them get started. So for example, Kate chose I am singing in my school shoes. I am singing a beautiful song in my Music Class.

On the bottom of the school shoes, we did the Pete the Cat Too Cool for School Writing activity. My students colored, cut, glued and wrote about Pete's attire. Here is a sample that is copied on colored paper and cut out.

During the first weeks of school we focus on colors and how to spell those colors. I love the Color songs from Frog Street Express.  They are easy to remember and help me give students cues for how to spell them if they forget.

Don't your students just love when you break out in song! Here is a link to the RED song and from there you will find their other color songs.  (The number songs are great too!)

We also watched Pete the Cat, I love my White Shoes. Students retold the story with the color words in their journals.  The videos can get stuck in your head, whoever the guy is that read the story is AWESOME!
Our class made a class book.
We had a writing journal that traveled from home to home with Pete.
Resources can be found in this pack:
 There are so many wonderful ideas out there for Pete! I hope you enjoy him as much as we have!

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