Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 11

I can't believe I still have this shirt! It is a shirt I could not get rid of, no matter how old it was looking.  So I decided I should at least wear it on September 11.
September 11 is such an emotional day and can be difficult to keep it together on this day.  I broke down just once so I guess that wasn't too bad.  I was driving to school in the morning talking to my own children about the day when it happened so I got it out of my system before I got in front of my students.  I wanted to focus on the heroes of the day so we read this book on Raz-Kids
We talked about each hero that helped that day: firefighters, office workers, iron workers, police officers, paramedics, volunteers, dogs.  We also talked about the soldiers that fought for our country.
We watched video of the attack. 

Then we filled out a bubble map of the word Hero.  Next, students picked a picture of a hero of the day.   They used the words in the graphic organizer to help them write about the Heroes.

Students then took a piece of black construction paper and drew windows on it to be part of our hall display of the twin towers.
You can grab this writing paper and graphic organizer for free by clicking here.

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