Monday, October 12, 2015

Coloring Rice and Center Fun

I have a water sand table I hardly use.  I have tried the sand but it is messy, but what really bothered me was the dusty smell in my classroom.  I have wanted to switch to colored rice for a year now but I always would forget to buy rice when I was at SAMS.  Well, I finally got one of those 50lb bags. It cost about $15.00
To color rice you mix: 1 cup of rice, food coloring and 1 T of vinegar.  I was doing about 30lbs so I figured 8 Cups of rice mixed with 1/2 cup of vinegar and about 25 drops of food coloring.
Then Mix!
I dumped in a box tray and laid in sun to dry. My rice still has a bit of a vinegar smell but it will fade over time.  The students have loved playing in the rice and if you don't have a rice table just get a a shallow plastic tub.  It is great to add centers too.  Here is one I just added.
In this center students are looking for compound words. They have to match the bee to the hive to make a compound word.  This product can be used in rice box or in a pocket chart.
 In the picture above, the students are matching up antonyms and recording their work.  This can also be done on the floor.
This one being played on the floor students match up synonyms.  The centers above and 3 more no prep centers can be found here
Have a great week!!!

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