Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, New Goals

I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed Christmas break!! It has been an extremely difficult year for some reason.  I have been down emotionally to the point I have felt like leaving the game of teaching. I love teaching but the demands have been poured out on the teachers where I feel I am drowning.  I came into this school year excited and ready but within a month of it I could barely breathe.  Is it better - no not really but I will get through this and for my goal I am shifting my sight to my precious children. God has given me these awesome kids and I feel I have failed them too often than not.  I have been too busy.  So this year I want to spend more time with them.  I want to teach them and they are definitely teaching me!! I will tell you more about that later.  God has laid on my heart to focus my teaching on him.  So we are doing Bible studies.  I haven't really decided if I like the study we are doing but it is working for now.  I found this at a thrift store.
It has cards on people, events, places, etc. that are found in the Bible.  One of my kids will read the scripture, the other will read the card, then we discuss the questions.   I also made a sermon's notebook for them. 
So I am using this time with them how to take notes in church, in hopes that they will listen in the service.  They fill out this form.
I have included in their notebook some resource pages and a zipper pouch so that they will have what they need at church to do the notes. 
I am hoping for a better year in which I am refreshed at work but more importantly I want to be a better mom!  If you would like the sermon notes that I did they are FREE and you can find them in my store - just click the picture below to grab it. Hope you have a great year!!

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