Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Donors Choose

I love Donors Choose!! I have had two projects funded so far.  My first project was 3 iPads  and my second was microphone and adapters for my iPads.  I wanted to set up a recording studio in my closet.
I have a great big closet so it is possible.  My daughter and I worked on putting it all together for my students when they come back to school Monday.  I wanted to make it feel like a real studio, so we needed to cover the shelves.  I used those 97 cent table cloths to make a curtain to cover the shelves.  I bought a rug to put down and set it all up.  It took about an hour and half and about $20 for supplies but it will be priceless to see the kids reaction on Monday.
My daughter loved it so much she put the studio in use immediately.  My students will record themselves reading books, reading their writing and who knows the possibility are limitless.  I would like to get a green screen app too and put a green wall on the bookshelf so they could also create videos with green screen.  Our next donors choose project is already up and my students are so excited about these great tools to use in our classroom provided by our community and companies that help our schools.  This project was funded by Sonic out of Oklahoma.  We are so thankful.  To read about our next project Caution: ROGUE ROBOTS for OSMO and bee bots here is the link.


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