Sunday, August 21, 2016

Superheros at Work

We have had an amazing start to our school year! The students came ready to work and excited to be here.  We started out our year with this activity. 
Students wrote about their super powers, their kryptonite, and what they want to learn this year.  Then I took pictures in superhero poses. We added capes and power bands to their picture.  For their names we colored and cut out name clouds to paste on top of the star burst. Here is how we did the star burst.  We put black paint on bubble wrap.
Then students cut out star burst and stamped it on the bubble wrap.

Then we put the name clouds on top of them and put it all up.  The students loved to see them flying across the bulletin board!!
Here is the final product-

Here is the link to this Freebie we used in the classroom.

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